We’re naturals when it comes to digital. Natives at creating narratives. Experts at explanations and masters at marketing.

Clients and content
come first

At Filtered Digital, we put our clients, and their content, first. Our content-led approach to all types of digital platforms helps our clients hit their mark, meet their goals, target their audience, and achieve their digital dreams.
Being platform agnostic, and a small, agile team, allows us to offer large brands customised solutions to the trickiest problems and the most intensive campaigns. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our projects here.

Social media

Social media has become a primary form of communication for many brands. We’ve taken the time to understand each platform with its own personality and ensure that content is specifically and uniquely created for each network, targeting the relevant audiences.

Digital marketing campaigns

Understanding the digital marketing landscape with all its various facets is something of a speciality for us. We’ve run successful campaigns across a variety of verticals, products, clients, and platforms, reaching target audiences and sales goals for our customers.

Website builds

In the digital age, nothing speaks louder than your online presence. And the website is the heart of your digital ecosystem. We make websites that not only look beautiful, but function with the end-user in mind. Plus, we make sure that you have the keys to your kingdom so you can run and manage your website, should you choose to.

Video and animation

Telling stories is at the heart of what we do, regardless of the medium. That said, video is one of the most powerful tools available today, and we help our clients conceptualise and create functional and appealing videos and animations to sell their products and services.

Digital Natives at your Disposal

Our clients hire us to help them navigate the digital landscape. With new platforms almost daily, it can be really hard to know where your brand needs to be featured, or if your website is up to scratch, never mind trying to figure out the Google Display Network.

To help you start your digital audit, we’ve put together an easy guide which we will email to you, along with a link to our fun digital audit quiz. Complete your details below to get your free copy.


The Wordsmith

Deon is the words guy. Got a comma out of place or a dangling participle? He’s on it. He’s got the magic words that make our clients’ briefs come to life.

The A-type personality

A recovering journalist, Aimee strongly believes in the power of deadlines, and uses her magical whip to make sure projects are completed to spec and on time.

The Ideas Guy

Brett is the founder and CEO of Filtered Digital. He’s the strategist, the dreamer, and the all-round inspirer of the team.


The Creator

Francis uses his visionary skills to transform facts and figures, into symbols, metaphors and beautiful images. He likes to infuse multimedia elements together to create complete works of art for our clients.

The Web Wizard

No team would be complete without mad hacking skills. That’s Ed, our go-to guy for all those tricky internet issues and website builds.


We love what we do, and our clients do too! We work across a range of industries and platforms to come up with creative solutions to digital marketing challenges. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces of work.

“We’ve been using Filtered Digital for about a year now for some of our driver comms. Their work is always exemplary: on-point, on time, and beautiful. Working with them is a real pleasure.”

Gareth Taylor SADC Regional Manager for Ride-Hailing at Bolt

“When we want to execute on marketing campaigns that we know will deliver, we turn to Filtered Digital. They come to grips with our briefs quickly, their creative work is always very strong, and their campaign execution is among the best in the business.”

Sharon Slaughter Marketing Operations Manager at Tarsus On Demand

“We love working with Filtered Digital, they’re always there when we need them and their ideas are always top-shelf. They’ve been in charge of our social media and website content for around seven years now, and Boxfusion has really benefited from the eyeballs that work has attracted.”

Xolile Ndlangana Marketing Director at Boxfusion

“Filtered Digital took our website brief and ran with it. We went from a basic design to one fleshed out with plenty of detail, all thanks to the team’s skills, and the final result was beautiful and informative, just what the Instill brand required. Kudos to Brett and the team for a job well done. We can't wait to continue growing with them as our business grows.”

Alim Ladha Founder, Instill Education


We’d love to chat to you about how we can help get your message out there and your lead engine revving.

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